Whole Grain Oats

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    • Chiemgaukorn

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    • Bag - 25 kg; 5 kg; 2,5 kg; 1 kg; 0,5 kg

Detailed Product Description

Oats is the cereal with the most protein and with the highest amounts of vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It is particularly rich in calcium, iron, silicon, zinc, manganese, and vitamin B1 and E and essential fatty acids.

In the Middle Ages oats was the most eaten grain in Central and Eastern Europe and was then ousted by the bread cereals rye and wheat.

Today oats is highly recommended because of its high nutrient content and digestibility in infant and child nutrition and gastrointestinal disease. It can also help to reduce cholesterol.

Oats for Chiemgau grain comes exclusively from their own vineyards of Biofeldern in Chiemgau and is offered as a whole grain for making flakes, semolina, bran or flour. Also he is wonderful as an ingredient in fresh grain court.

We build our products in a sustainable crop rotation at which soil life and biodiversity protects and promotes. The treatment of the harvested grain to the finished bag is done very carefully and gently by hand. 

Hafer ganzes Korn, 25 kg                                Oats whole grain, 500 g