Ancient Grain Mix

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  • Brand Name
    • Chiemgaukorn

Supply Ability

  • Packaging Details
    • Bag - 500 g; 1 kg, 2,5 kg; 5 kg; 25 kg

Detailed Product Description

Ancient grain types are equally included - Pearled Emmer Wheat, Pearled Einkorn Wheat,  Pearled UrDinkel Spelt.

The ancient grain mix is used as rice. The cooking time is approximately 25 minutes without soaking the grains. Depending on how soft you like him, you are a part of grain 1.5 parts water or broth (grain remains rather grainy) or 2 parts liquid (rather soft). The original grain mix is suitable as a side dish instead of rice for risotto, fried dishes, stuffing, corn dumplings or -bratlinge.

The grains of the original grain mix come exclusively from our own vineyards of Biofeldern in Chiemgau. We build our products in a sustainable crop rotation at which soil life and biodiversity protects and promotes. The treatment of the harvested grain to the finished bag is done very carefully and gently by hand.